It is not about monitoring ...
It is to carry out detailed behavior studies of the plant across the time !!!

We offer a system designed to carry out detailed studies of the evolution of plants in time, allowing you to obtain, study and compare all the information of the plants (counters, investors, trackers, meteorological stations, etc) Regardless of the technology and location of photovoltaic plants.

With these integrated reports, you will be able to focus on the detailed analysis of the data from any of its departmental areas, engineering, operation, maintenance, etc.

The development of the software is born and developed with the approach to the study and evaluation of the plants from a research point of view, so the I+D department adapts continuously to the new characteristics of the emerging technologies.

Its modular structure allows the user to obtain a complete control and knowledge of their production and safety facilities; User management, devices inventory, production and/or meteorological reports, export, integration and data coherency, maintenance and sending of alerts and alarms.