Industrial and critical facilities

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Industrial safety is based on different lines of defense and a holistic approach. To be able to transform them into easy to manage models by the customer, COES DESIGN offers a coordinated catalogue of special solutions for the security of industrial installations and critical.

We like to be part of the initial design of the facilities. We advise on the effective use of constructive and ornamental elements as the first line of physical defense and complement it with other performance retarders.

Electronic security is always advisable, but aware of its initial costs and its compulsory maintenance, we are committed to a sustainable balance of security as a design engine.

Electricity generation plants, refineries, ATEX zones, supply stations, nuclear plants, refineries, electrical substations, etc., are critical points where we apply technologies with thermal analysis against intrusion, and that can also Identify small variations in temperature in open spaces or in specific elements.

A unique technology for intrusion control and raiding that acts as a fire detection system.