Large enclosures and logistics

Think big ... a camera not only serves to visualize
Open to a whole world of visual management possibilities

We are experts in Smart Security

When we talk about large enclosures and logistics, we do it about big areas of very different uses and that are not always delimited by physical barriers; Car parks, logistic centers and dry ports, container terminals, shopping malls, business park and residential areas are in our expertise.

Depending on the functionality of the use and the specific needs of the client, a multitude of executions can be carried out.

Both from the point of view of integration with the spaces, and the mimicry or technological level.

It is not the same the general control of an area, in which we simply want to know if the traffic of people or vehicles exists or not , but also locate specific practices of raiding doing a tracking of the mobile or to claim an effective facial identification.

These last options are applied in security systems for logistic transport facilities; Ports and airports, Metro and railway stations. They also grow the demand in for counting mobile targets, occupancy ranges of certain areas, mobiles that are kept longer than defined time in a particular point or control of public disorder and many other functions that not only give Security, but they provide added value to the knowledge of the facilities usage and to the improvement of its functional design.