Photovoltaic security

Experts in intelligent security for photovoltaic plants

We are experts in Smart Security

We are committed to our CSR and therefore  we compete in partnerships with business models that bet on renewable energies.

COES DESIGN was born from EXPERtise as specifiers of perimeter security systems for photovoltaic parks.

More than 20 years designing, installing and maintaining intelligent analytical systems, allow us to offer a competitive, dynamic and adjusted proposal to the environment of these facilities, currently considered as critical.

Solar and photovoltaic parks are mostly isolated and scattered in large geographic areas.

This obliges to consider various exogenous factors very specific, that by the extension to ensure they cannot be designed with a single pattern, but they require different executions and analyses for each microclimate analyzed.

False alarms become the main reason why O&M security teams end up nullifying or ignoring the system’s effectiveness.

The customer decides, but we have an obligation to recommend systems that really provide security and work at 100% always, and not only during the first two years of warranty.

The solutions portfolio always includes robust equipment that ensures extreme service resistance and prioritizes agility to recover the operational status of the security facility.


A deliverable that integrates different technologies; Fence sensors, CCTV with Smart video analysis integrated with Alarm Central, access control, certified and safe communication networks, fire detection, etc. Connected to the park’s SCADA, and the joint design of joint safety procedures; Minimum required eye surveillance, operational plans and procedures, ACTtiva training, etc.