SASS-Fire and Leak detection

Early stage thermographic detection

We are experts in Smart Security

Our experience applying SASS-security solutions with smart analytics, allows us to offer a wide range of thermographic technology for perimeter safety and early detection of fires and leaks in any environment.

Your investment in SASS directly affects the final ROI of the projects, by reducing the performance times and costs by applying a direct preventive, leaving to depend solely on the periodic inspections.

In addition, the problems are clearly identified, installation or operation failures are available, and the real temperature values are provided to see evolutions, among other functions.

Fire prevention and detection

  • Many types of materials are exothermic without exposure to external stimuli.
  • Its internal temperature can be increased to the point that it burns spontaneously.
  • The fire generated and the intense heat can cause the nearby materials to ignite.

In short, a whole storage area or warehouse can be destroyed once the fire has started.

Although warehouses and storage areas are equipped with fire alarms and extinguishing systems, they only begin to function when the fire has been generated.

Thermography helps detect hot spots before a fire happens.

Thermographical cameras help to identify many problems before a dangerous and costly situation can happen.

These systems have real application in warehouses, waste incineration plants, coal-fired power plants, solid waste areas, logging companies, etc. 

Success Stories

01. Pallets Warehouse

02. Coal Pile

03. Incineration plant

04. Solid waste area

Optical projection of gas images and ovens inspection

Thermographic cameras can visualize and locate gas leaks without having to stop the operation.

With an optical camera to detect gas it is very easy to continually analyze the installations that are in remote places or in areas of difficult access.

With continuous monitoring you will automatically receive the relevant information in the event of a dangerous or costly gas leak, so that you can take action immediately.

Thanks to the Thermographical chambers, you will be able to monitor the essential gas installations and pipelines continuously.

You will see immediately if a dangerous and costly gas leak appears, you will not have to rely more on periodic inspections.

Supervision is done at a safe distance without no need to send technicians to potentially dangerous areas.