We evaluate the vulnerability of your business to reduce your risk !!!

We identify the potential vulnerabilities of your facilities, or not have a security system.

Once the vulnerable areas have been identified, we provide recommendations and guide in the measures application to rectify them.

COES DESIGN will provide information on the best practices of the industry in relation to the engineering and installation of security, offering also assistance in the process of acquisitions, development and revision of the norms.

We can help you in improving security, designing a new system or reviewing multiple locations.


If solution is safer, cheaper or faster to execute ... we tell you !!!

We complement the area of security consultancy providing field EXPERtise, proposing equipment and systems that best integrate the entire security environment designed.

We develop drafts provided by the client. If necessary we submit them to audit and propose improvements; In the saving of equipment or systems, reduction of execution deadlines, improvement of the level of security, etc.

We offer the facilities legalization and bring in front of the competent agencies of each country, advising for the inscription in the required agencies.


Critical processes several phases designed with innovative tools for continuous improvement !!!

The start-up is a crucial phase in the life cycle of the security system, it will condition the performance, availability and, of course, its maintenance.

We are aware of the many errors that are commented in this phase, so we apply a structured process of start-up by phases, supervised by the client, according to the criteria defined in the phase of acceptance of the project.

The success is based on the fulfillment of the specifications and requirements executed during the installation phase. A guarantee based on our competence in the use of continuous improvement tools; PDCA cycle, value analysis or Kaizen, in many others.


Optimal performance and maximum functionality ... with or without external supervision !!!

Modern security engineer designs make it possible to have a multitude of options that facilitate the connection and integration of all installed and future security systems, with other visual management systems that the client uses to follow his Productive performance.

As experts in structured cabling we facilitate the reengineering of their installations to adapt them to the new necessities, thinking in a global and scalable way.

We have one of the best solutions for the management and supervision of all your installations video , accesses, alarms and distributed technical signals.

If you need a permanent and agile alarm Manager, we connect your security systems to a CRA and advise you on the best performance protocols that adapt to your system within the legality in force in each country.


Doing things right at the first time !!!

We offer ad-hoc maintenance formulas for Each type of installation and adapted to the client.

Our team, experienced in highly demanding industrial environments, applies preventive and corrective maintenance techniques aligned with Lean manufacturing, SMED and TPM philosophies.

This allows us to build collaborative environments with the operation teams, offering different levels of training, effectively achieving, reducing response times in corrective and reducing costs in preventives.